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SAIKANG MEDICAL is maintaining its position out in front of its competitors in hospital bed manufacture. we frequently introduce products and services with innovative functions and features that enhance the efficacy of the products and increase patient comfort. 
Our responsibility: 
As a solution-focused company, we strive to have a long positive impact on our community through every aspect of our business. We are directed by our social mission to ensure high standards for health, safety, equal rights policy, and morality. Committed to minimizing our environmental impact, we invest in the growth and development of our people, and we uphold global standards of ethical conduct. 
Mission : 
We deliver to our mission by being significantly close to our customers, through our solution, commitment to follow long-term customer satisfaction with constant innovation. producing a unique outcome required a strong vision built on solid value shared among 400 team members worldwide.
As a responsible firm, we ensure the high and consistent quality of our products, from the purchasing of first materials to the final step of assembly and packaging with inspection in each part of the production.
- From SS bolts and screws to Mild steel ERW rectangular tubes or sheets 1.2-5.0 mm thickness, that meet all the EU, CE, FDA standard. ABS plastic materials wish is fire retardant, eco-friendly with 10 years lifetime.
- Top-end production system and technologies, to ensure that the step of the production is by our policy standard, all processes would be supervised under the QC department.
- SAIKANG MEDICAL has reached the hight efficiency in steel rust treatment, by implementing the pickling, phosphorization, Electro-coating, Sandblasting and Baking at high temperature after power coating to ensure the paint finish.

Aiming to satisfy our customers and partners, we provide a standard warranty, optional to be increased, 1% free parts of the total quantity will be provided together with goods.
The product that is damaged or fails due to the manufacturing problem within one year after the purchasing date will gain free spare parts and assembling drawings from the company. Beyond the maintenance period, we will charge the accessories, but the technical service is still free.
Common question : 
Q: Lead time? 
A: standard 28 days 
Q: Is it the color on headboard/footboard and abs side rail optional? 
A: We can provide the color as per requirement based on bulk purchasing.
Q: Motors options? 
A: Linak, Timotion, Dewert, or Jiechang, many motor optional.
Q: Do you accept OEM service?
A: Yes, OEM service available, please provide your drawing and detailed specification.
Q: Showroom? We have showrooms worldwide, welcome to your visit: 
A: China - head quarter which is only 2hours drive from Shanghai,2000square meters rooms like hospital; 
Kenya - 500square meters showroom 
Russia - 1000square meters showroom
Brazil - 800square meters showroom
Chile - 500square meters showroom
Thailand - 800square meters showroom



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